Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Philip Hoeffner, Sr.

P: (845) 457-2660

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Farmland Preservation Board

Members of the Farmland Preservation Board
Philip Hoeffner, Sr. - Chairman
Kerron Barnes 
Wendy Calyer
Jennifer Crist
Donna Dolan
Derreck Nop
Chip Watson
Suzanne Hadden, Secretary

Local community government planning and support can protect this important resource against unwise development and increasing economic pressures on farmers.

The Farmland Protection Board can:
  • Include plans for agriculture in our overall land use plans;
  • Support and fund land conservation programs such as purchase of development rights (PDR), and;
  • Implement economic measures that promote local farming such as direct marketing through farmers markets.
To send a letter to a local Town Board asking them to protect our local farmland.

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