Friday, August 29, 2014

Town of Montgomery Local Laws

2013 Local Law #2Local Law to Override the Tax Levy Limit
2013 Local Law #1 Installation of Stop Sign at N. Kaisertown Rd.
2012 Local Law #3Land Subdivision Regulations in the Town
2012 Local Law #2Approving a Four-Year Term for the Elective Office of the Supt. of Highways
2012 Local Law #1Approving a Four-Year Term for the Elective Office of the Town Clerk
2011 Local Law #1Establishing a Three-Way Stop Street
2010 Local Law #6Licensing of Dogs
2010 Local Law #5Create a Biomass Gasification-to-Energy District Floating Zone
2010 Local Law #4Age Restricted Mobile Home Park
2010 Local Law #3Fees for List of Property Owners
2010 Local Law #2Amendment of Zoning Map (Gateway)
2010 Local Law #1Amendment to Comprehensive Plan
2009 Local Law #6Regulation & Control of Mining Activities
2009 Local Law #5Amending Park Law Hours
2009 Local Law #4Flood Damage Prevention
2009 Local Law #2Amending the Zoning Map of the Town of Montgomery
2009 Local Law #3A local law regulating the use of town parks.
2009 Local Law #1For The Maintenance Of Sidewalks In The Town Of Montgomery.
2008 Local Law #5Health Insurance Buyout
2008 Local Law #4NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code
2008 Local Law #3NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law on the Property of V.C. School District
2008 Local Law #2Illicit Discharge Law
2008 Local Law #1Cold War Veterans Exemption
2007 Local Law #1Creating an Ethics & Disclosure Law.
2006 Local Law #5Walnut Street Speed Reduction
2006 Local Law #4ATV Law
2006 Local Law #3No Parking/No Standing (Houtman Drive)
2006 Local Law #2Design Standards for Site Plan & New Commercial Buildings.
2006 Local Law #1Volunteer Firefighter & Ambulance Worker
2005 Local Law #1Stormwater Management & Erosion and Sediment Control.
2005 Local Law #2Amendment to Zoning Law to Permit Accessory Dwelling Units.
2002 Local Law #1Dog Control
Local Law #1 of 1997 Establishment of Landmarks or Historic Districts in the Town of Montgomery.
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