Please be advised that the Town of Montgomery is continuing to limit access to Town Hall for the month of February as a safety precaution for our Residents' and Town Employees' due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in our area.  For information or to schedule an appointment, please see the link below with each department's phone number and email address:
Click here and scroll down for Department Head Contacts and Phone Number Extensions.

For the month of February access to Town Hall will remain limited.  We ask all residents who physically enter Town Hall to pay their taxes to instead utilize other options.  First, you can mail in your payment.  Second, you can drop your payment into the secured drop box outside of the front entrance of town hall.  Lastly, you can make your payment online by visiting the town website at and click on the “Property Tax Bills” tab. If you have any questions related to paying your tax bill please call 845-457-2600 - extension 9, then press 1.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Brian Maher
Town of Montgomery
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Folder Additional Frequently Browsed Local Laws
Folder Introductory Local Laws
Folder Local Laws of 2000 (Zoning Amendments - PB & ZBA Procedures, Gateway Overlay Zoning District)
Folder Local Laws of 2001 (Water & Sewer Meter Law, Historic Barns)
Folder Local Laws of 2002 (Dog Control, Zoning Amendments, Res. Subdivision Moratorium, Bruderhof, Moratorium Ext, Zoning - Malley)
Folder Local Laws of 2003 (Moratorium Extension, Zoning Amendments)
Folder Local Laws of 2004 (Moratorium Extensions, Zoning Amendments - Fences, Accessory Bldgs, Zoning Amendments - Lots)
Folder Local Laws of 2005 (Stormwater Management, Zoning Amendments - Permit Accessory Dwelling Units)
Folder Local Laws of 2006 (Volunteer Firefighter & Ambulance, Design Standards, No Parking/Standing, ATV Law, Speed Reduction)
Folder Local Laws of 2007 (Code of Ethics Law)
Folder Local Laws of 2008 (Veterans Exemption, Illicit Discharge, VCSD Traffic Enforcement, NYS Fire Prevention, Health Ins. Buyout)
Folder Local Laws of 2009 (Sidewalk, Nedlaw, Use of Town Parks, Flood Damage Prevention, Park Law Hours, Mining Law)
Folder Local Laws of 2010 (Comp. Plan Amendment, Zoning Map, Fees, Age Restricted Mobile Park, Biomass Gasifications, Dog. Licensing)
Folder Local Laws of 2011 (Three Way Stop for W. Corbett & Comfort Trail)
Folder Local Laws of 2012 (Town Clerk - 4-Year Term, Superintendent of Highways - 4-Year Term, Subdivision Regulations)
Folder Local Laws of 2013 (Stop Sign - N. Kaisertown Road, Override Tax Levy Limit)
Folder Local Laws of 2014 (Gaming Facility Overlay District, Tax Levy Limit Overrride)
Folder Local Laws of 2015 (Tax Levy Limit Override, Zone Change - Henry Henning Drive)
Folder Local Laws of 2016 (Henry Henning Stop Sign, Amend Zoning Map, Override Tax Levy Limit)
Folder Local Laws of 2017 (Amending LL No. 2 of 1988 - Driveway & Highway Openings, Solar Siting, Tax Levy Limit)
Folder Local Laws of 2018 (Veterans Exemption, Senior Exemption, Best Value, Utility Poles, Driveway Openings, Amend Zoning Map, Park Law Hours Amendments)
Folder Local Laws of 2019 (Amend Zoning Map, Solar Moratorium,Towing Regulations, Veterans Exemptions, Solar Moratorium Ext., Amended Solar Law, Amended Zoning Map))
Folder Local Laws of 2020 (Construction, Bonding...)

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